Is A Tire Warranty A Good Thing?

This article could make a long story short by answering a simple, “yes,” to the question, “Is a tire warranty a good thing?” But really, what would be the fun in that. Therefore for this post, is going to focus on some of the pros associated with tire warranties. Then, readers will be able to come to their own conclusions about the topic. 

What Is A Tire Warranty?

There are typically two types of warranties a purchaser of new tires might receive. One of them comes from the manufacturer. It is basically an assurance of quality. In other words, the corporations give buyers a particular amount of time to have the tires repaired or replaced if the units have any defects. The items also usually cover workmanship as well. The allotted time varies from one company to the next, but it is usually somewhere in the neighborhood of 30, 60, or 90-days. 

The other kind of warranty that a consumer may receive is one from the installation organization itself. Many times, the techs will perform free or low-cost repairs on the tires for a certain amount of mileage. For instance, it is not uncommon for tires to get nails or screws stuck in them. They can pick the pieces of metal just about anywhere, from driveways to parking lots, the highway, and more. In turn, a representative from the company will install a patch to prevent the wheel from losing air, making it good as new again. 

Tire Warranties Save People Money

By not having to buy an entirely new tire after just purchasing one, and getting repairs done for little to no cost, a warranty creates a win-win situation for the consumer. Money doesn’t grow on trees and the last thing car owners want to do is spend their cash on new tires again and again. Do some research to find out what warranties come with your wheels, and take full advantage of all the perks they have to offer. The pros of owning these guarantees far outweigh any cons. So, obtain one and extend the life of your tires. 

Should I Continue To Repair My Car Or Should I Sell It?

If your car has spent recently more time in the shop than in your garage or driveway and it is now broken down, again and you are facing an expensive auto repair. Is it worth it throwing your cash in the hope that the car will be fixed or do you sell it?  Some vehicles that are worth repairing and keeping for example a diesel truck, if cared for, these can last into the 300,000 mile range.  There are other vehicles that you should sell. suggests guidelines to help you make the best choice.

Costs of Wear and Tear

Despite how good you take care of your work, there will always be some repairs. High-priced repairs are sometimes unavoidable due to various circumstances like extended wear and tear. Metal on rotors wear too thin or warp, rubber belts and horses dry or sometimes the electrical parts stop working. There will always be a need for a replacement for wear and tear items such as axle boots, brake rotors and belts.

On many vehicles, the timing belt needs a replacement at around 100,000 miles. At this point, most dealership service advisers recommend replacing drive belts and the water point. The cost of timing belt package can amount above $600. This kind of repairs can surface to over 90,000 miles.

Purchasing a new vehicle may not be suitable for you, especially if your budget is tight. Here are other reasons why repair of the car is better than buying a new car.

It is cheaper to repair a vehicle than to purchase one.

Registration and insurance fees will be higher when purchasing a new car

Sometimes a vehicle with excess damage can cost between $2000 and $ 7000. The value is incomparable to buying a new car. Thus the amount can only be worth buying an old car, which can have issues too.

At what point should you buy a new vehicle?

Consistent breakdown of the old vehicle can be annoying. Buying a new car will guarantee you at least three years of no repairs, yet higher expenses.

You know vehicle better than anyone else. But a trusted mechanic is a valuable resource.  They can estimate the cost of repairs and how many miles these repairs should last.  You should compare these two numbers.   A $2000 repair that will last two more years ( $84/month) vs a new car payment of $600 per month gives you a different perspective.

Or your mechanic might tell you that your car has filled its useful life and it is time for you to let it go.  Their advice can save you from continuing to pour money into a car that isn’t going to serve you well.

Should I Buy the Extended Warranty for my Automobile?

If you buy a new car or an old car from a dealer, you are likely to be offered numerous options in terms of warranties to pay for any repairs beyond the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty. There are many other terms for an extended warranty and these include things like

  • mechanical breakdown insurance
  • service agreement
  • service contract
  • vehicle protection plan

Here are some important questions from for you to ask yourself when considering if ‘should buy the extended warranty for your automobile:

What Does the Extended Warranty Cover?

Some extended warranty offers make it sound as though all repairs will be covered but this is rarely the case as some repairs fall into the general ‘wear and tear’ category and therefore, aren’t eligible. These repairs can include things like brake pad replacements. It is therefore very important to study the contract carefully and also to work out whether you have to pay upfront and then claim back for any repairs or whether you don’t part with any money.

What Is Your Driving Style?

Extended warranties may cover all expenses for a certain number of years or miles or you may have to pay a proportion yourself and then the rest will be covered by the policy. It’s worth considering whether your car has or will have an excessive mileage based on your lifestyle and if so, an extended warranty may be worth it. Do some research to see how often things seem to go wrong with you car and how much spare parts are.

How Long Do You Plan To Keep The Car?

If having an extended warranty will reduce stress when your original warranty expires, then it’s worth it but of course it is always a gamble as you may or may not need additional cover. It also depends on your salary and whether a costly car repair would be a financial burden. If you’re someone who buys new cars and then upgrades them every few years so that they don’t depreciate too much, an extended warranty isn’t necessary as you shouldn’t come to the end of the manufacturer’s warranty.


The extended warranty is an individual decision but many times it is not worth the extra money.  If you don’t think it is for you, don’t feel pressured into taking on an additional cost that you do not need.

Expensive Repairs That Might Make You Consider Selling Your Car

Buying a car costs so much money that if you are neither a business tycoon nor a celebrity, you may not be able to pay for it at once. Most people spread their payment over several years. With that in mind, BMW repair San Diego suggests that there are several expensive auto repairs that may not be worthwhile when you consider the fact that you are still paying your loan on the car.

This article outlines some of the most expensive repairs that may make you consider selling it off. Remember, no matter how expensive your car is its value will begin to depreciate the moment you start using it. Furthermore, you have to service its engine regularly and to also fuel it. Combining all of these with any of the repairs outlined below may not make so much sense.

Cylinder Repairs

No car engine can function to capacity with a faulty cylinder. In fact, the cylinders are the most important parts of the engine. Unfortunately, it will cost between $7,500 and $11,000 to fix car cylinders depending on how expensive the car is. It may be more cost effective to sell it off instead of fixing the cylinders.

Replacement of hybrid car battery

There is a high demand for hybrid cars because they are eco-friendly and they save drivers the cost of fuel. However, it looks like what they save you in fuel cost, they get it back in the cost of their battery. While the battery of a conventional car costs about $150 to $200, the battery of a hybrid car costs more than $6,000. You can imagine the huge difference. So, it may not be out of place to consider selling your hybrid car if its battery packs up.

Replacement of transmission

Another expensive auto repair is the replacement of transmission. This is the part of a car that encounters the most friction and heat. So, it is not surprising that bad transmission is one of the most common car problems. It will cost about $4,000 to $5,000 to replace a faulty transmission. You may consider disposing off the car instead of replacing its transmission.

In conclusion, if your car develops any of the faults outlined above it may be a good idea to sell it off with the fault and start looking for a new, or new to you vehicle.

Repairs You Might Consider Before Selling Your Car

It is obvious that if your old car is in better condition, it can increase the selling value. However, it can be a challenging task for owners to determine how much work they should put into the vehicle before trading. To make everything easier, put together a a list of a few repairs that you should seriously consider before selling your old car.

1. Replace or clean headlamps and headlights

The first thing you need to do is to check all the exterior and interior lights to find out any broken or defective bulbs. If they have gone out, make sure to replace these parts immediately. Bulbs are typically inexpensive and can be found in any automotive accessories stores.

Also, it’s a good idea to clean foggy lenses or headlights to give your vehicle a fresh appearance. This can be done easily by rubbing toothpaste with a rag and then rinse it off with clean water. These simple steps can significantly increase the selling value of your car.

2. Refill or change fluids

Check the radiator, oil, transmission fluid, windshield washer reservoir, and brake fluid in your car. Of course, a dealer can replace and fill the fluids easily, but if you run out of brake fluid or your radiator level is low, the dealer might wonder if you have maintained your car on a regular basis. As a result, it will lead to lower selling value.

3. Repair or replace the windshield

In addition to replacing the fluids, you should also ensure that all wiper blades are in still in good condition. If they are cracked or dried out, purchase a new pair of affordable wipers and replace the old ones. You would install them on your own, but if you aren’t sure how to do it, it’s possible to ask the auto accessories store where you bought the wipers to replace for you at no additional cost. This repair is inexpensive, but it can give your buyer an impression of a well-kept car.   Some windshield repair techs like Safelite will come to you to do the repair.

4. Remove dings and scratches

If the paint job of your car is dinged, buy the matching touch-up option and color in these scratches. Most bottles can be found online or at the dealership at no more than $20. With a small investment, you can considerably boost the selling value of your old car.

To Repair or to Sell, That is the Question

Expensive auto repair can be challenging to a car owner. If the repair expense exceeds the value of your car, should you repair it or let it go? Well, repairing can either be expensive or budget-friendly depending on the type of your car. Perhaps older vehicle is vulnerable to major repairs.

Before making a decision of taking your car to either a service station or an independent garage, ensure that their business is reputable. Make sure to address the issues and needs clearly. Murrieta Tire & Auto Repair suggests you consider the following items before taking on a major repair on your vehicle:

Find the cost estimate

Get the actual estimate of the cost you would possibly incur in your if the mechanic provides you with an estimate, compare to ensure it doesn’t exceed your quote. Negotiate for a final cost of repair and confirm that the estimated charge will be waived directly from the final bill.

Consideration of a second option

You might fall into a situation where your budget estimate exceeds your pay expectations. Thus, it’s a good idea to get another option. Certain repairs on your vehicle require substantial diagnostic to find an amicable solution of the car problem. So with other option, you can easily find the best quote of your choice.

Confirm the labor rate

Your car deserves excellent service accounted from the cost you will incur. So, be sure to only deal with the garage that uses an industry-accepted labor guide. The idea is to determine the amount of work required to complete the car repair.

Selection of the right garage

Look for trustworthy sources to find the best garage and the right mechanic. Popping into any service station may cost you more when you are not certain. It’s advisable to use a garage with good recommendation suggested by the independent organization such as CAA.

Thus, with the available payment options, a car owner can use alternatives such as credit card, pawn shop loan, or high-interest rate soft loan to finance an auto repair. You should always consider the following factors to realize if the car worth the repair

  • The cost you will incur in a repair
  • The certification of the mechanic
  • Status of the car i.e. new or old
  • Future maintenance cost


Don’t be stack when you can find great solutions while preparing for a car repair. Find certified dealers that facilitate the need of customers and deliver top-notch service for your vehicle. When you can go for a long time without additional repairs cost, it worth going ahead and get the repair. However, if the repair cost is more than the value of your car, selling it can be an option to consider.

Creative Ways to Finance your Auto Repairs

What are your financial options when there is an expensive car expense like a transmission repair, and you already own a car payment? What are how you can cover an old car’s restoration? We look here at some appropriate ways in which you can handle these types of issues so that you can have a worry-free ride once again on your favorite engine.

They may cover some services – If there is an accident, it will be covered by your insurance provider as you can get emergency roadside assistance coverage and can help in meeting the repair expenses.

Insurance or an Organization

However, if it is a case of breakdown, you may still get some help from your insurance provider or some motor clubs who may be willing to help you. Organizations like the AARP can also be helpful.

 Go for an out-of-box solution

If there is a technical or vocational auto school in your area, you can tie up with an instructor and offer your car for training the students. They can use it in their classroom. However, be sure to find out whether they will assess the vehicle, what will be their price for spares and what will happen if they are not able to repair it finally.

Take the help of your Credit card

Some cards offer this benefit of carrying out car repair services and in many cases keep you completely covered even in case of a bad repair. However, try to avoid cash advances and make a payment plan ready before you take the service.

 Auto Repair Shop Loan Payments

Some unconventional ways – You can always talk to an auto shop about making your payments. They may offer you attractive terms than what you may be getting elsewhere. If it is so, agree and go ahead with your repairs.

Other unconventional methods

There are other unconventional methods that you can try for covering your repair expenses. If you have any valuable skill like babysitting, yard work, etc., you can offer a barter to an auto shop owner. There can be real chances that he might need one, and you may be able to trade labor hours. This way, you can make a saving, and it may even come down only to the cost of spares!

So, go ahead, make your choice and be ready with your chosen car repair method to get your favorite engine zooming once again.

Options To Consider When Financing An Auto Repair

Are you a car owner facing an expensive auto repair? Well, you need to find out the available options you can use to finance your auto repair. Maintaining the type of car you own isn’t that easy especially in the era where automotive repair and the maintenance industry strive to increase the revenue for more profits.

At Auto Repair Sylva we realize that car repair can be quite expensive. Thus, every time you visit a mechanic and find out that the repair cost seems too high, learn to check the cost estimate from consumer report care. It will give you the general idea about the cost of repairs to avoid being overcharged. The following are solutions that will solve the question: what options do I have to finance an auto repair?

Use of a credit card

Always use a card that cash you back to reap benefit from the purchase or pays you mileage. This option is quite efficient since most of the shops currently accept credit card payments. If you have a higher credit score, you definitely qualify for an introductory period having 0% annual percentage rates. Similarly, you have a chance of paying for your car repair using your credit card despite having a bad credit.

What are the advantages of using a credit card?

  • You will not owe any interest as long as you pay off your balance just before the grace period ends.
  • You can prequalify and eligible to use this card without the checker necessarily checking your credit report.
  • Most of the mechanics accept these credit cards.

Title loan or pawn shop loan

Perhaps this is the easiest option you can apply when in need of a quick cash. You simply need to take an item to the pawn shop where its value will be appraised and given a loan based on its value. However, you have to leave your possession as a collateral to act as a security. You will be given certain time to repay the loan as per the state law failure to which you lose your possessions.

High-interest rate soft loan

This type should probably be your least option. It features extremely high-interest rates that can easily trap you in an expensive cycle attempts to pay off the loan. Payback periods are quite short and when the time limit elapses, the lender will automatically roll over, refinance and add more interest and fee.

Using your car as collateral in this business is very risky. If you fail to pay, the lender sells your car making the repair a wasted expense.

The final verdict on car repair financing

Which option do you find better to finance your auto repair? Always pay your repair cost with a credit card if you have a good credit. In case you need time to make your payments, consider using the unsecured personal loan.

Use your valuable possessions on pawn shop loan if you have low credit. When confronted with a difficult situation and you have neither valuable possessions nor good credit to use as collateral, consider a title loan but only be very certain to pay your debts in time to avoid losing what you can’t afford.

What Are The Advantages To Donating A Vehicle?

Regardless of whether this is on account of you’ve moved up to another auto, your family unit needs have changed, or you’ve been signed to make that clunker in the carport an end of the week venture, however, haven’t discovered the time, when you have a vehicle to dispose of, consider making a philanthropy auto donation! San Francisco Automotive Solutions realizes that giving an auto or truck is about more than thoughtfulness.

While giving an auto to philanthropy will absolutely help nearby people in your locale, it will likewise accomplish more than that — it will encourage you, too! Think of the liberated space, genuine feelings of serenity and potential tax breaks that come to your direction when you, at last, dispose of that blemish in the yard or garage. Get Rid of a Vehicle You No Longer Need.

Goodwill Car Donation takes working and non-working vehicles of numerous types. You can give your autos, trucks, SUVs, pontoons, vans, trailers, campers, fly skis, cruisers, planes and more! Essentially anything that has a motor and keys is something they can utilize, regardless of whether it’s running. You may qualify for a Possible Tax Deduction if you meet the requirements. Just what amount of a derivation, you may ponder? That relies upon your vehicle’s value. If your vehicle offers for under $500, you may deduct the $500. If your vehicle offers for over $500, you may deduct the real cost of the vehicle. Either path, here are some key variables to remember:

  • Your auto gift must happen in the duty year for which you guarantee it.
  • You should give to a real 501c3 charitable that is qualified to get charge deductible commitments with the end goal to fit the bill.
  • You require a receipt to demonstrate your gift.
  • On the off chance that your auto gift is worth more than $500, you need to fill out IRS Form 1098c and join it to your government form.

Disposing of a Junker you couldn’t utilize may not appear much of a gift to you but to a hurting members of your community a philanthropy auto gift goes far toward supporting individuals from your neighborhood community. Through the gifts of numerous individuals, Goodwill Car Donation subsidizes programs that give deserving people another opportunity at procuring a living and getting back on their feet. This has a genuine effect on individuals’ lives.

So, In the event that you have an auto or truck that you’re prepared to part with, ask yourself which you’d preferably do: experience the agony and bother of discovering somebody to get it or offer it to a not-for-profit association that can utilize it to help others? As a consequence of your gift, you’ll find it easy to get rid of your car, free up more space in your driveway or garage and the receive tax breaks — the whole procedure couldn’t be simpler!

Things To Consider Before Taking On An Expensive Repair

  • Are sick of sinking money into your car, but you don’t know what to do next?
  • Your car has been in the repair shop more times that it has on the road.
  • Another big repair is also waiting for you. You keep on spending hoping that it will not break down again.
  • Now you are wondering whether to continue making the repairs or sell the car and acquire a new one.

At we know that is a big decision to make.

Here are some tips from to help you solve this dilemma.

·Consider How Much The Repair Will Cost

To know if your car is worth repairing or not, check out the cost of the repair. Take your vehicle to the mechanic and explain to him all the issues and he or she will name the price. If it is so costly, you may start budgeting on getting a new car. This is because some repairs cost way much than what is expected.

·Conduct Online Research

One can use the search engine companies to diagnose a car problem. Instead of taking the car to the mechanic research online about the issue and how to fix it. Knowing the cause of a problem will help you save money as well as give you a rough idea of how much it will cost you.

·How Long The Repair Will Extend Your Cars Life

If replacing a part of your vehicle will add years to your car’s life then you might consider it. If the replacement will only last for a few months and you have to replace the part again, you might consider selling that car and acquiring a new one.

·How Much Your Car Is Worth After The Repair

Visit a mechanic or car dealership shop and enquire how much your car is worth after the renovation. You might end up spending a lot on repairs and sell the vehicle at a throwaway price.

After you get the answers these questions you can make an informed decision on whether you should go ahead with the repairs or start looking for a different car.