Your vehicle is awesome, until it’s not. It needs repairs or an expensive service.

Who thought you would think of stacking up additional debt on TOP of that car payment.

The reason we created this blog is to talk about when you should invest in your vehicle and when to let it go.

Then IF you should invest what are the best solutions to finance the repair.

Should you use a credit card, an installment loan, just wait and save up some cash.


Go and use that chunk of change on a downpayment for a new vehicle.

There are some other scenarios where the repair shop will buy your vehicle off you, or if you should go and see Car Max who statistically buys cars at a higher amount and FASTER than any other source.

I know I have been in this sticky situation a few times myself.

Back in 2010 I was driving a 1996 Honda prelude, it only cost me $6,000 bucks.

However, while I was driving down the road I heard a PSHHHHHHHH.

Then the power was gone. Even though I still had the gas pedal pushed down.

After pulling over I saw fluid pouring out from under my car.

I was pretty scrappy back then and it was a fairly deserted street.

I laid down right there on the side of the read, scooted underneath my prelude and started looking for the problem.


I could see a hose that broke and the fluid now just dripping out.

Sweet! So I thought.

After some forum searching, they said once one of those hoses go, they all follow. I DIDN”T listen to that advise.

So I replaced one, was good for a week.

Then the SAME thing happened but a different hose.

This happened three times before I looked into replacing ALL of the hoses.

I paid a shop to handle it, and was only out a few hundred dollars.

So now I have invested $6,300 into my daily driver.

A few months later as I walked outside to start my car… Nothing happened.

Long story short, that was my alternator not charging my battery.

After investing to get that fixed.

May manual transmission started acting up.

This is when I was faced with spending $2,400 on my $6,000 vehicle.

Or going and finding something else more reliable.

Should I finance the repairs and now be $8,400 deep in a 180,000 vehicle. OR was it time to go find something newer?

Through the blog and articles, we are going to go into the best vehicles that it makes sense to invest long term into.

Financing options that can be a SOLUTION not a burden with insane interest rates which will just add to the problem.

And out of the box solutions you may not have thought of before.

If you have a unique solution, jump over to our contact us page and tell us your story. If it’s unique and we think it will help others out, you may see it pop up as a blog post giving you the credit.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this helps you in your situation, I know it would have helped me.