Don’t Let Emotions Let You Keep A Clunker Past Its Useful Life

People keep their old cars for many different reasons. One very good reason people find it difficult to dispose of their old car is the wonderful memories attached to it. The truth is, no matter what your clunker means to you, there comes a time when it is better to sell it off.  At we have all experienced the emotions attached to one of our vehicles.

There are several reasons you should not allow emotions to prevent you from selling your clunker. Here are some of the reasons you should let it go.

High cost of repairs

The car is already old and so are all its parts. The parts will keep breaking down one after the other. You will need to repair it more often. And most of the repairs will include change of parts. That means you will pay for the replacement part and you will also pay for labor.

Unavailability of spare parts

It is usually a little difficult to get parts for an old car. This is because dealers only range parts that are in high demand. When you need any part of your old car, it will be shipped for you most of the time. If your can is no longer in production, it is not likely that even the manufacturer will have its parts.

Safety issues

Newer cars come with better safety features. So, you can’t compare the safety features in a car that was manufactured in 2008 with the ones in a 2018 model. Chances are high that your clunker will pose some safety risks.

Eco-friendliness issues

Over the years, automobile engineers have been improving on fuel efficiency and gas emissions on their cars. This implies that newer models are more fuel-efficient and they also emit less gases. So, it is likely that your old car emits more gases and also offers lower fuel-efficiency. For these reasons, clunkers are generally bad for the environment.

In conclusion, when keeping your clunker has more disadvantages than advantages you should take a deep breath and quickly as possible for as much money as you can make.

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