Financing Automotive Repairs with Synchrony

Automobiles are subject to wear and tear. Car owner usually plan for a regular maintenance expenditure to address any mechanical failures or troubleshooting. However, the reality is at times your car may require a significant repair. It is entirely possible that you have not considered this unexpected overhead in your yearly budget. Moreover, these types of overhauling cannot be done in phases and must be fixed in a single servicing cycle.

Consider a typical example. Let us assume you already owe a payment to a car service dealer. Now you are faced with an extensive repair. Alternative you have an old used car that warrants a considerable investment. As a car owner, how will you meet this type of a situation and what are the financing options available to you?    German Imports Car Care brings you some options.

Automotive Finance

There are some automotive service providers in the markets. They offer a flexible financial model that helps to repair your automobiles. The primary benefit is that there is no need to have any surplus cash or there is zero credit against your account. The worst-case scenario is that you may even owe a settlement for a previous servicing order. You can now repair your vehicle despite these constraints by using attractive offers available in the automotive service market.

The process is straightforward and transparent. You can make a repair request, plan for the servicing, fix the payment options, access your account online or by contacting the help desk. There is no need to download any application forms or sign a document. The entire procedure is quick and executed seamlessly.

How Does Synchrony.Com Work?

Synchrony is a well-established organization focused on financing vehicle owners. They are one of the major companies providing privately branded label credit cards across the United States of America. The various schemes are executed through an extensive network comprising of domestic suppliers, vendors, private institutions, retailers and professional associations.

Dual Card™ credit cards, financing to promote products and services, loyalty offers, mortgaging and online transaction are a few offerings that have been widely acknowledged by its consumers. The company leverages on channel partners and have more than 380,000 locations across US and Canada.

Synchrony Car Care™ credit card

The financing option available under this scheme is very flexible.

A six months incentive funding is provided to you once you make an order worth $199 or more.

  • You have more than 30,000 locations to choose the service dealer close to your residence or office.
  • Fill petrol or gasoline of all established brands at over 200,000 retail outlets across the country.

The prominent features of this program are as follows:

  • You are not expected to pay an annual membership charge.
  • An option to access your FICO® Score without any fees.
  • You are insured against $0 fraud risk.
  • A provision to enhance your credit limit amount.
  • A robust mechanism protects your online account.
  • You can setup your alerts and reminders.