How To Retire A Car In California

One can retire his/ her car through Consumer Assistance Program (CAP). The program is administered by Automatic Repair Bureau in order to assist in improving air quality in California by ensuring reduction in vehicle emissions. The Consumer Assistance program offers two services which are vehicle retirement and repair assistance. For one to participate he/she needs to meet the necessary requirements.

If your operating vehicle failed a Smog Check Inspection during a smog check temecula or another city in california, then the owner is eligible to receive incentives in order to retire his/her car. Income-eligible owner who meets the CAP requirements receives $ 1,500. All other eligible owners receive $ 1,000. In order to determine the eligibility of your vehicle, one must mail an application which is complete or apply online on CPA website. It is one basis first come first served in a certain financial year until funds are exhausted.

The vehicle requirements for retirement

  • One must be the registered owner and the vehicle title bearing your name.
  • One vehicle can be retired by sole owner but two vehicles is a joint owner through CAP within 1-year term
  • The Vehicle should not be going through ownership transfer.
  • Vehicles should pass the operational and visual inspection dismantler performs
  • The vehicle should not be registered to a fleet, business or non-profitable organization
  • The vehicle should not be undergoing initial registration or re-registration in California.
  • The vehicle should have failed in its recent Smog Check inspections.
  • The vehicle to be currently registered with Motor Vehicles Department with unexpired and valid registration stickers.
  • Vehicles which hold a title branded salvaged should be re-registered at the application time.
  • Vehicle should be a sport vehicle, passenger, truck or van that has vehicle gross weight rating of about 10,000
  • A vehicle should not be a total loss salvaged or dismantled vehicle which has not re-registered with Department of Motor vehicle (DMV).

If you want to apply online ensure that your vehicle title and registration is available. To check submitted application status, have your Vehicle License, plate number and CAP ID number.