Is A Tire Warranty A Good Thing?

This article could make a long story short by answering a simple, “yes,” to the question, “Is a tire warranty a good thing?” But really, what would be the fun in that. Therefore for this post, is going to focus on some of the pros associated with tire warranties. Then, readers will be able to come to their own conclusions about the topic. 

What Is A Tire Warranty?

There are typically two types of warranties a purchaser of new tires might receive. One of them comes from the manufacturer. It is basically an assurance of quality. In other words, the corporations give buyers a particular amount of time to have the tires repaired or replaced if the units have any defects. The items also usually cover workmanship as well. The allotted time varies from one company to the next, but it is usually somewhere in the neighborhood of 30, 60, or 90-days. 

The other kind of warranty that a consumer may receive is one from the installation organization itself. Many times, the techs will perform free or low-cost repairs on the tires for a certain amount of mileage. For instance, it is not uncommon for tires to get nails or screws stuck in them. They can pick the pieces of metal just about anywhere, from driveways to parking lots, the highway, and more. In turn, a representative from the company will install a patch to prevent the wheel from losing air, making it good as new again. 

Tire Warranties Save People Money

By not having to buy an entirely new tire after just purchasing one, and getting repairs done for little to no cost, a warranty creates a win-win situation for the consumer. Money doesn’t grow on trees and the last thing car owners want to do is spend their cash on new tires again and again. Do some research to find out what warranties come with your wheels, and take full advantage of all the perks they have to offer. The pros of owning these guarantees far outweigh any cons. So, obtain one and extend the life of your tires.