Need Help Financing Your Auto Repairs; Here Are Some Places To Look


How many times have you been trapped in a situation that you need your car to be repaired, and that too within the least possible time? Or, your car was stuck in a storm and now it needs immediate attention to get it back on its feet. At auto repair Stevensville we are here to help.

So, you got your car repair arranged, but then there is a problem; you don’t have enough finances to meet the repair expenses. Let’s find out some easy and safe financing options you could choose for all your auto repair needs.

1. Financing Through Car Purchase Warranty

For new car owners, the auto repair options are well-covered under an elaborate hardware warranty. Once caught up in an uncalled-for situation, just call out the mechanic and read out your VIN (or vehicle identification-number) and they will get it verified on the financing options you can avail.

2. Auto Repair Financing via Credit Cards

While opting for a credit card, it is advisable to choose the ones that offer cashback or mileage benefits on it. Check if your credit card company has the 0% APR (or Annual Percentage-Rates) option available, so that you can borrow the money and still pay it off within the next 18 months or the time given by the company.

3. Use Unsecured Personal Loans

According to statistics, in the US alone almost 44% of the adult population resorts to auto repair loans. The total loan amount that Americans applied for in 2017 was recorded to be $568.6 billion. You can opt for loans from private lenders offering you lower fees at better interest rates.

4. Go for Auto Repair Shop Loans.

How convenient would it be if you can find your loan solutions from the auto repair shop you have hired the mechanic from? Several auto repair shops are using a one-stop solution platform theory to offer their customers with car repair mechanic hire as well as range of loan options. You can choose between Business Line of Credit, equipment loans, short term loans, SBA (Small Business-Administration) loans, and others according to your convenience and needs.

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