Start a Car Maintenance Fund to Prepare for Tomorrow’s Repairs


There is no need to beat around the bush when it comes to our automobiles—we know that they require maintenance, and majority of the time those repairs comes like a thief in the night.

Unlike our phone, or cable bills, these car repair bills can greatly throw our current budgeting plans down the drain regardless of owning a car insurance or not.  Some repairs are regular and expected like an oil change, others can be costly and unexpected.  How can you be prepared?

Paying for Auto Repairs

Let’s keep it real, absolutely nobody wants to pay for auto repairs, but somewhere down the road we are all going to have to eventually. The expenses of car repairs are even more drastic when you lack the cash or possess a maxed-out credit card. Sure, you can simply take your vehicle to your local auto repair shop, where they will be generous enough to allow you to gradually pay off your bill overtime. However, it is only a matter of time before late fees start to add up, and before you realize it, they refuse to release your vehicle unless all payment is submitted in full.

According to a recent survey, a general auto repair ranks 85.6%, Transmissions and repairs reach 6.7%, and all other repairs is 5.7%. A repair shop’s income regarding those maintenance percentage estimates approximately 26% producing a total of $1 million plus, $350,000-$749,999 equals 20%. 10% make $250,000-$349,999 while any amount $249,999 and below average out to 34%.

From those automobile maintenance, the top services are, from highest to lowest, crashed parts-31%, paint-21%, mechanical parts-8%, repair materials-15%, and anything other than those are approximately 4%. A high percentage of these listed repairs are necessarily required from vehicles possibly ten years and older.

Benefits Of A Car Maintenance Fund

The most beneficial aspects of developing a car maintenance fund are;

  • Safety,
  • Better fuel economy, and
  • An extended lifespan for your vehicle.

Safety- The overall condition of your car greatly influences as well as enhance the safety of yours, and others on the road also. An impaired automobile increases the safety risk of not only you and your passengers, but other drivers too.

Fuel Economy-An improper/poor oil change schedule leads you to have a vehicle that is incapable of running. Also, a regular oil change can keep more money in your pocket and not at AutoZone. Consider the reality that gas prices continue to skyrocket—having an efficient fuel can lessen the amount you wind up spending at a gas station.

Longer Lifespan- Having a vehicle repair fund grants your vehicle to better serve your needs and last longer.

How To Start An Auto Maintenance Fund

To start on the right track with budgeting, first you will need to gather all your previous year auto maintenance records. This includes anything from repairs, to tire pressure, and oil change.

Next you should calculate the cost of the overall amount you spent within the previous year and divide the sum by 12 (total number of months in a year) and budget the quotient monthly for your car maintenance.

Finally, examine your car’s current vehicle and try to keep it in the best health. Following these simple guidelines will prevent you from becoming a regular in an auto repair shop as well as keep more of your income where it belongs—on your phone, and cable bills.

Having money in an account to pay for any unexpected repairs will give you peace of mind and hopefully keep a smile on your face.

Need Help Financing Your Auto Repairs; Here Are Some Places To Look


How many times have you been trapped in a situation that you need your car to be repaired, and that too within the least possible time? Or, your car was stuck in a storm and now it needs immediate attention to get it back on its feet. At auto repair Stevensville we are here to help.

So, you got your car repair arranged, but then there is a problem; you don’t have enough finances to meet the repair expenses. Let’s find out some easy and safe financing options you could choose for all your auto repair needs.

1. Financing Through Car Purchase Warranty

For new car owners, the auto repair options are well-covered under an elaborate hardware warranty. Once caught up in an uncalled-for situation, just call out the mechanic and read out your VIN (or vehicle identification-number) and they will get it verified on the financing options you can avail.

2. Auto Repair Financing via Credit Cards

While opting for a credit card, it is advisable to choose the ones that offer cashback or mileage benefits on it. Check if your credit card company has the 0% APR (or Annual Percentage-Rates) option available, so that you can borrow the money and still pay it off within the next 18 months or the time given by the company.

3. Use Unsecured Personal Loans

According to statistics, in the US alone almost 44% of the adult population resorts to auto repair loans. The total loan amount that Americans applied for in 2017 was recorded to be $568.6 billion. You can opt for loans from private lenders offering you lower fees at better interest rates.

4. Go for Auto Repair Shop Loans.

How convenient would it be if you can find your loan solutions from the auto repair shop you have hired the mechanic from? Several auto repair shops are using a one-stop solution platform theory to offer their customers with car repair mechanic hire as well as range of loan options. You can choose between Business Line of Credit, equipment loans, short term loans, SBA (Small Business-Administration) loans, and others according to your convenience and needs.

Here are some other ideas

Is The Financing Offered By My Local Shop A Good Option?

Though owning a car makes it easy to travel to any place conveniently, owning a car is also fairly expensive since a large amount has to be paid for purchasing the vehicle. Additionally there are other expenses involved like car insurance and repair expenses, especially if the car is involved in an accident. Often the car owner does not have sufficient funds to pay the car related expenses and other payments, so is forced to look for alternate sources of funds and finance options. So as car owner you might wonder if financing offered by your local shop a good option. The team hear at would like to help you with that question.

Recognizing that owning a car is expensive many vehicle repair shops and parts selling shops are offering financing for the car owners. For these shops, the car finance offered is a good additional source of revenue, and it is easy for them to get leads. However car owners would like to find out whether this financing option is the best financing option available to them, and this also depends on a number of factors. For example if the car owner, does not have a good credit score, it may be difficult to get financing from conventional vehicle finance firms. In such cases, the local shop finance may be the only viable option.

For a person who has a good credit score, there are other factors to be considered while selecting financing. The interest charged, penalty, terms and conditions should be considered while selecting the financing option. Some of the larger firms offering financing may require collateral as per their procedure, while the local shop may not require any collateral, especially if the car owner has done business with the shop for many years. In other cases, the collateral may be required only for larger loan amounts. So depending on the amount required, repayment period , financial record of the car owner, the local shop may be a good option in some cases.

4 Common Options to Get Rid of Your Car

When your cars are no longer roadworthy after many years on the road, it’s time to purchase a new one rather than spending too much on repairs. However, this might leave you wondering what you should do with the older one. There are many options available; Hybrid Repair San Diego brings you some options to consider making an informed decision. Let’s take a look at four common ways of getting rid of cars.

1. Selling the whole car

If your car is still working and pass inspection, selling it seems to be a good option to consider. Many people want to have an inexpensive vehicle, and wouldn’t mind purchasing an older one. Make sure to check with a used car site beforehand to know exactly what your car is currently worth and make an overall assessment on the market value.

2. Selling parts for spares

Most car owners choose to sell the working parts of their car for spares. There are some components that are always in high demand such as exhaust systems, exterior, interior, clutch kits, and more. This means that it might be easy to find buyers.  Here is one option to sell your hybrid battery.

However, after pulling out the parts, you have to store and accommodate them properly to meet different schedules for your would-be buyers. Also, think carefully about if this option is suitable for your needs before removing all the parts.

3. Giving away to someone you know

Another good option to get rid of your car is to give it away to a mechanically-inclined family member or friend. They are willing to accept an older car and fix it up. Just make sure that you follow all the regulations about transferring the ownership. If necessary, hire a lawyer to guide you through this process.

3. Donating your car to a charity

Many charities in the country often have a tight budget for new vehicles and allow people to donate their cars. Thus, if you don’t know where to rid of your older vehicles, it’s a good idea to visit the local charities and ask for this option. However, make sure these organizations are legally registered and gain an understanding of what they do.

Don’t Let Emotions Let You Keep A Clunker Past Its Useful Life

People keep their old cars for many different reasons. One very good reason people find it difficult to dispose of their old car is the wonderful memories attached to it. The truth is, no matter what your clunker means to you, there comes a time when it is better to sell it off.  At we have all experienced the emotions attached to one of our vehicles.

There are several reasons you should not allow emotions to prevent you from selling your clunker. Here are some of the reasons you should let it go.

High cost of repairs

The car is already old and so are all its parts. The parts will keep breaking down one after the other. You will need to repair it more often. And most of the repairs will include change of parts. That means you will pay for the replacement part and you will also pay for labor.

Unavailability of spare parts

It is usually a little difficult to get parts for an old car. This is because dealers only range parts that are in high demand. When you need any part of your old car, it will be shipped for you most of the time. If your can is no longer in production, it is not likely that even the manufacturer will have its parts.

Safety issues

Newer cars come with better safety features. So, you can’t compare the safety features in a car that was manufactured in 2008 with the ones in a 2018 model. Chances are high that your clunker will pose some safety risks.

Eco-friendliness issues

Over the years, automobile engineers have been improving on fuel efficiency and gas emissions on their cars. This implies that newer models are more fuel-efficient and they also emit less gases. So, it is likely that your old car emits more gases and also offers lower fuel-efficiency. For these reasons, clunkers are generally bad for the environment.

In conclusion, when keeping your clunker has more disadvantages than advantages you should take a deep breath and quickly as possible for as much money as you can make.

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Financing Automotive Repairs with Synchrony

Automobiles are subject to wear and tear. Car owner usually plan for a regular maintenance expenditure to address any mechanical failures or troubleshooting. However, the reality is at times your car may require a significant repair. It is entirely possible that you have not considered this unexpected overhead in your yearly budget. Moreover, these types of overhauling cannot be done in phases and must be fixed in a single servicing cycle.

Consider a typical example. Let us assume you already owe a payment to a car service dealer. Now you are faced with an extensive repair. Alternative you have an old used car that warrants a considerable investment. As a car owner, how will you meet this type of a situation and what are the financing options available to you?    German Imports Car Care brings you some options.

Automotive Finance

There are some automotive service providers in the markets. They offer a flexible financial model that helps to repair your automobiles. The primary benefit is that there is no need to have any surplus cash or there is zero credit against your account. The worst-case scenario is that you may even owe a settlement for a previous servicing order. You can now repair your vehicle despite these constraints by using attractive offers available in the automotive service market.

The process is straightforward and transparent. You can make a repair request, plan for the servicing, fix the payment options, access your account online or by contacting the help desk. There is no need to download any application forms or sign a document. The entire procedure is quick and executed seamlessly.

How Does Synchrony.Com Work?

Synchrony is a well-established organization focused on financing vehicle owners. They are one of the major companies providing privately branded label credit cards across the United States of America. The various schemes are executed through an extensive network comprising of domestic suppliers, vendors, private institutions, retailers and professional associations.

Dual Card™ credit cards, financing to promote products and services, loyalty offers, mortgaging and online transaction are a few offerings that have been widely acknowledged by its consumers. The company leverages on channel partners and have more than 380,000 locations across US and Canada.

Synchrony Car Care™ credit card

The financing option available under this scheme is very flexible.

A six months incentive funding is provided to you once you make an order worth $199 or more.

  • You have more than 30,000 locations to choose the service dealer close to your residence or office.
  • Fill petrol or gasoline of all established brands at over 200,000 retail outlets across the country.

The prominent features of this program are as follows:

  • You are not expected to pay an annual membership charge.
  • An option to access your FICO® Score without any fees.
  • You are insured against $0 fraud risk.
  • A provision to enhance your credit limit amount.
  • A robust mechanism protects your online account.
  • You can setup your alerts and reminders.

Here Are Some Repairs That Are Worth Fixing

After a few years of driving, your car might start showing some issues that need proper maintenance and repairs. However, is it sensible to throw your money into these tasks and hope it won’t break down again? It’s hard to answer, but the key is to determine whether you should repair or replace these parts. With that in mind, auto repair las vegas brings you a list of some repairs that are worth fixing and can save big on your car.

1. Change spark plugs

Spark plugs are undoubtedly one of the most important devices in our vehicle. These tiny parts play an essential role in powering the car by igniting the gas with the sparks. Since they can wear out after 10,000 miles, you need to replace them regularly to ensure normal operation. Fortunately, the fix is inexpensive and very simple to perform yourself.

2. Change oil

Changing your vehicle’s oil regularly is important to ensure the car is running smoothly, as well as extend the engine’s lifespan. If you don’t do this repair for a long time, fiction and heat will cause wear and tear, thus damaging essential engines. In fact, oil changing is one of the easiest skills that every owner should have for car repair or maintenance.

3. Change flat tires

There is a reason while people use “wheels” as slang for car. Tires are undoubtedly an essential part that helps your vehicle move on the road. As they might go flat after a few years, it is necessary to change flat tires as soon as possible. It isn’t a big deal, but it can ensure the safety while you are on the road.

4. Change a car battery

Car batteries can die unexpectedly when you are driving on the highways. Thus, make sure to have it checked regularly by a professional so that he can replace the part before it leaves you in the middle of nowhere. You can also do it yourself if the battery shows a few signs of problems.

How To Retire A Car In California

One can retire his/ her car through Consumer Assistance Program (CAP). The program is administered by Automatic Repair Bureau in order to assist in improving air quality in California by ensuring reduction in vehicle emissions. The Consumer Assistance program offers two services which are vehicle retirement and repair assistance. For one to participate he/she needs to meet the necessary requirements.

If your operating vehicle failed a Smog Check Inspection during a smog check temecula or another city in california, then the owner is eligible to receive incentives in order to retire his/her car. Income-eligible owner who meets the CAP requirements receives $ 1,500. All other eligible owners receive $ 1,000. In order to determine the eligibility of your vehicle, one must mail an application which is complete or apply online on CPA website. It is one basis first come first served in a certain financial year until funds are exhausted.

The vehicle requirements for retirement

  • One must be the registered owner and the vehicle title bearing your name.
  • One vehicle can be retired by sole owner but two vehicles is a joint owner through CAP within 1-year term
  • The Vehicle should not be going through ownership transfer.
  • Vehicles should pass the operational and visual inspection dismantler performs
  • The vehicle should not be registered to a fleet, business or non-profitable organization
  • The vehicle should not be undergoing initial registration or re-registration in California.
  • The vehicle should have failed in its recent Smog Check inspections.
  • The vehicle to be currently registered with Motor Vehicles Department with unexpired and valid registration stickers.
  • Vehicles which hold a title branded salvaged should be re-registered at the application time.
  • Vehicle should be a sport vehicle, passenger, truck or van that has vehicle gross weight rating of about 10,000
  • A vehicle should not be a total loss salvaged or dismantled vehicle which has not re-registered with Department of Motor vehicle (DMV).

If you want to apply online ensure that your vehicle title and registration is available. To check submitted application status, have your Vehicle License, plate number and CAP ID number.

Can I Finance Auto Repairs If I Have Bad Credit?


Many people, for whatever reason, do not have a good credit. This limits them from being able to carry out some activities, such as paying off debts, buying some things they need or even paying for the auto repair of their car.

But the fact that they do not have a good amount of money does not mean that it is impossible to pay for these things. Fortunately, there are actually different ways to pay for an auto repair, in which having a bad credit is not a big problem to solve.

3 Ways To Get Auto Repairs Financed With A Bad Credit

They may be few, but at least they are very effective. These three ways to get your auto repairs financed can be used all over the world, no matter what part of the country you are in. Read carefully and choose the one that suits you best.

Getting A Personal Loan

Select your preferred financial company based on the amount of money they can lend you, how long you will have to repay it and how much you will have to pay in interest rates. Some of the companies that provide these services are Avant and Best Egg Personal Loans, to name but a few examples.

Ask For Help From an Auto Lender

If your car no longer has repair and you need an auto loan to get a vehicle replacement, you can always count on a lender. Check their terms as well as references and reputation to make sure it is a lender who specializes in auto loans for people with bad credit.

Use A Non-Warranty Credit Car

You can always connect with the main credit cards without guarantee, especially if your card is limited. You will have to pay a small monthly installment, regardless of whether you have a moderate or large amount of dollars in your bank account or not. It is one of the easiest, most comfortable and affordable ways of all.

What Can These Forms Of Auto Repair Financing Be Used For?

Because not all people go to a mechanic for the same problems with their car, there are different areas where you can use the money you got.

What Do Statistics Say?

According to statistics, these are the most common causes (along with their percentage of popularity in the USA) for a visit to the mechanical workshop.

So, they are areas that are covered by your loan or insurance almost automatically:

  • Crash Parts: 35%
  • Refinishing Materials: 18%
  • Painting: 15%
  • Mechanical Parts: 8%
  • Repair Materials: 7%
  • Tools : 7%
  • Capital Equipment 6%
  • Other 4%


Evidently, you can finance auto repairs even if you have bad credit. All you have to do is know where to look and identify a package that works for you.