To Repair or to Sell, That is the Question

Expensive auto repair can be challenging to a car owner. If the repair expense exceeds the value of your car, should you repair it or let it go? Well, repairing can either be expensive or budget-friendly depending on the type of your car. Perhaps older vehicle is vulnerable to major repairs.

Before making a decision of taking your car to either a service station or an independent garage, ensure that their business is reputable. Make sure to address the issues and needs clearly. Murrieta Tire & Auto Repair suggests you consider the following items before taking on a major repair on your vehicle:

Find the cost estimate

Get the actual estimate of the cost you would possibly incur in your if the mechanic provides you with an estimate, compare to ensure it doesn’t exceed your quote. Negotiate for a final cost of repair and confirm that the estimated charge will be waived directly from the final bill.

Consideration of a second option

You might fall into a situation where your budget estimate exceeds your pay expectations. Thus, it’s a good idea to get another option. Certain repairs on your vehicle require substantial diagnostic to find an amicable solution of the car problem. So with other option, you can easily find the best quote of your choice.

Confirm the labor rate

Your car deserves excellent service accounted from the cost you will incur. So, be sure to only deal with the garage that uses an industry-accepted labor guide. The idea is to determine the amount of work required to complete the car repair.

Selection of the right garage

Look for trustworthy sources to find the best garage and the right mechanic. Popping into any service station may cost you more when you are not certain. It’s advisable to use a garage with good recommendation suggested by the independent organization such as CAA.

Thus, with the available payment options, a car owner can use alternatives such as credit card, pawn shop loan, or high-interest rate soft loan to finance an auto repair. You should always consider the following factors to realize if the car worth the repair

  • The cost you will incur in a repair
  • The certification of the mechanic
  • Status of the car i.e. new or old
  • Future maintenance cost


Don’t be stack when you can find great solutions while preparing for a car repair. Find certified dealers that facilitate the need of customers and deliver top-notch service for your vehicle. When you can go for a long time without additional repairs cost, it worth going ahead and get the repair. However, if the repair cost is more than the value of your car, selling it can be an option to consider.